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How Long Does it Take To Sell a House?

Great concern. For how long does it take to sell a house? The brief response: it depends. Numerous factors impact the duration a listing remains unsold, and that average time differs from market to market, area to community, and even street to street. Some elements are beyond your control, but some items you can control,…

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Reduce The Stress Of House Selling By Making Good Choices Early

Moving is always a hard thing to do, and offering your existing house will only add to the hassle. No matter how much you anticipate moving to a brand-new location, it can still be a very difficult time. Having the ability to rapidly find a buyer for your house is perfect. Having a vacant home…

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Do People Still Buy Single Family Homes in Bowie?

As we continue to manage these unprecedented times with social distances and cases of COVID-19 fluctuating up and down, the Bowie real estate market is largely unchanged. In this post, we examine the real estate data in the region in order to better understand if people still buy single family homes. For this analysis, we compared…

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How To Avoid Foreclosure in Maryland

A lot of  people often fall behind payment on their mortgages  year in and out. Don’t panic if you’ve fallen behind on your mortgage payments! If you take the right actions quickly, you can always avoid foreclosure. In this article, we’ll discuss process of foreclosure within Maryland and how to easily avoid them. Foreclosure Process in Maryland 1st Month: You…

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8 Tips for Selling your House in Poor Condition

This article highlights tips for selling your House in Poor Condition within Maryland Table of Content 1. Highlight The Positive Parts   2. Be Honest with the details   3. Make some Easy Upgrades   4. Be Smart with Your Pricing   5. Arrive at a Concession You can Live with   6. Have Patience   7. Sell Your House “as is”…

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How to sell your Maryland real property without Realtors

Follow these Steps to Learn How to Sell Your Maryland Real Property without Realtors                                           Table of Contents 1. Scope Out the Competition (Be A Nosey Neighbor)   2. Give Maryland Buyers What They Want  …

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